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Now that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has been officially announced, Samsung is offering some amazing phone deals to help you snap up the latest and likely to be greatest. Right now, when you place a preorder, you can enjoy up to $750 enhanced trade-in, along with $50 additional Samsung credit when you buy through our link. Along with that, there’s Samsung’s favorite memory upgrade offer for early adopters, as well as $100 Samsung credit on top of the $50 you’re gaining from going through us. If you’re a student, a 10% student discount is also available. Want to know more? Let’s take a look.

More Galaxy S24 Ultra pre-order deals

Nearly every cell carrier has a pre-order promotion for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Here are all the best offers.

  • Free storage upgrade with pre-order, and up to $1,000 off in trade-in credit

  • Free storage upgrade with pre-order, and up to $1,000 off in trade-in credit

  • Free storage upgrade with pre-order, and up to $1,000 off in trade-in credit if you upgrade your plan or add a new line

  • Buy the 512GB Unlocked S24 Ultra for $1,300, was $1,420

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may have literally just been announced but we can all be very confident that it’s going to shoot straight up to the top of our ranking of the best phones. Samsung knows how to make fantastic phones as past Galaxy models have demonstrated. That’s why we’ve been so excited to see the latest Galaxy Unpacked event announce a new Samsung Galaxy S24 range including the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The event hosted at the SAP Center in San Jose, California — a marked change from the usual New York or San Francisco destinations — showcased the new phone with some killer new functionality and specifications.

We already looked at what to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy S24 event this week and we’re delighted with the results. As expected, its titanium frame looks gorgeous. Finally, we’ve seen meaningfully integrated AI that should prove super useful too. AI is also at work with enhancing image quality when taking photos. Sure to strongly compete with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the phone will be topping everyone’s view of what counts as one of the best Android phones.

While prices for the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra were never going to be cheap, buy direct and you can rack up some sweet savings along the way. As standard, you’ll receive a free memory upgrade increasing the storage of your phone for less. You also get $100 Samsung credit which could be used on all kinds of stuff such as new earbuds or a new smartwatch. Better still, by going through our link, you can enjoy an additional $50 Samsung credit which soon adds up, while there’s up to $750 enhanced trade-in credit up for grabs too. How much you’ll save via trade-in will depend on the age of the phone you’re trading in but it all worked out as a great way to save money on your purchase. If you’re a student, there’s a 10% student discount too.

Sound great to you? Us too! Reap those rewards now and snag the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for less. All you need to do is hit the button below to get all the above benefits including an extra $50 Samsung credit, all thanks to the wonders of an early Samsung preorder.

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