This crazy accessory adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone

Someone holding the Clicks iPhone keyboard accessory.

Do you wish your iPhone had physical buttons? Now it can thanks to the Clicks keyboard.

The new accessory, which fits around your iPhone, arrives soon and is designed to enhance the capabilities of your phone by providing a full keyboard with actual buttons. The result is retro and perhaps modern at the same time.

When installed, Clicks removes the virtual keyboard from your iPhone screen, freeing up valuable screen real estate. By doing so, Clicks almost doubles the screen space available for iPhone users to use for apps and content immersion.

Click Keyboard for iPhone.

There’s more to Clicks than just the addition of a physical keyboard, however. The accessory also unlocks iOS keyboard shortcuts — such as pressing CMD + H to navigate to your home screen or CMD + Space to launch Search. You can also scroll through webpages using the space bar on the keyboard. Clicks supports keyboard shortcuts for iOS and third-party apps as well.

Clicks doesn’t require extra charging as it connects directly to the iPhone through USB-C (with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, for example) or Lightning, depending on your iPhone model. Since it is directly connected to the iPhone, charging the keyboard or establishing a Bluetooth connection is unnecessary. The Clicks keyboard even has a backlight, so you can use the keyboard in lowlight conditions.

Clicks keyboard for iPhone.

According to Michael Fisher, co-founder of Clicks Technology: “Clicks brings the tactility and precision of a physical keyboard to iPhone, so people don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to create or communicate with the satisfying feedback only real buttons can provide.”

Says Adrian Li Mow Ching, CEO of Clicks Technology: “In founding Clicks Technology, we’ve established the capabilities to deliver on an ambitious road map of mobile products for people who create on the go.”

Clicks is the first product from Clicks Technology, a new company founded by Fisher (better known on YouTube as MrMobile) and Kevin Michaluk (known as CrackBerry Kevin).

The new accessory is priced at $139 and will launch in two colors: BumbleBee and London Sky. Preorders can be made through the website, with the first shipments arriving next month. A companion Clicks app is launching soon on the App Store.

Clicks will be displayed at CES 2024 in Las Vegas beginning on January 9.

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