The iPad is going to get an amazing new feature in 2024

iPad 2022 first setup.
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Apple did not release new iPads this year, despite October rumors saying the contrary. However, it’s likely to do so in 2024 with one significant change on the horizon.

According to ET News, Apple will release the first iPad Pro models with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) sometime next year. Perhaps in even bigger news, Apple also plans on increasing the size of the iPad mini from 8.3 inches to 8.7 inches.

According to the fresh report, an 8.7-inch iPad mini will debut in 2026 alongside a new 10.9-inch iPad Air. The following year, a 12.9-inch iPad Air will debut for the first time. All three tablets are expected to feature OLED. Current iPads feature liquid crystal displays (LCD). Compared to LCD, OLED is thinner and lighter.

iPad Air 5 alongside the iPhone and MacBook.
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Though the upcoming iPads mentioned above will all have OLED displays, there will be a crucial difference between them. The 2024 iPad Pro series is expected to have an LTPO panel, allowing for a ProMotion feature with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. However, the other models will have LTPS panels, limiting refresh rates to 60Hz.

All of this sounds great unless you’re someone looking to upgrade their iPad mini or iPad Air. The current models, released in 2021 and 2022, might soon be updated, but not to OLED. A seventh-generation iPad mini is expected to come with an A16 Bionic chip, which slightly improves over the current model’s A15 Bionic chip. Additionally, it may feature a new display controller that resolves the pesky jelly scrolling issue that has affected some iPad mini 6 users.

On the other hand, the sixth-generation iPad Air is expected to include an M2 chip instead of the current model’s M1 chip. The regular iPad, updated in 2022, could also see an update in the new year.

OLED isn’t just coming to iPads. ET News also notes the first MacBook to feature OLED panels will debut in 2025. The 14-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air, and 15-inch MacBook Air could see OLED updates in 2026.

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