The brand new PS5 ‘Slim’ is already discounted

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As you may have heard, Sony has released a PS5 Slim version, and we’re already starting to see it on the market. In fact, if you want to grab one right now, Walmart is selling a PS5 disc slim bundle with Modern Warfare III for just $500. That essentially means that you get MW3 for free as part of the bundle, and even though it’s not that highly rated, it’s still a free game that you’d otherwise not get, so it’s well worth picking up.

Why you should buy the new PS5 Slim

The new PS5 Slim version doesn’t actually have any performance upgrades and is not like the PS4 Pro that we saw with the PS4, although that may be coming at some point down the line. Instead, the PS5 Slim makes the overall size smaller, with an 18% decrease in weight for the disc version, a more impressive 24% weight decrease for the disc-less version, and an overall 30% increase in size for both, which is also quite nice, especially if you live somewhere with not much space for a massive PlayStation. That said, they each get a slightly larger storage of 1TB rather than the usual 825GB; it’s not a massive amount, especially with how big games are these days, but it’s not bad either.

As for Modern Warfare III included in the bundle, it hasn’t had very positive reviews overall, but it’s still a great game to get started with if you don’t own a PS5, and you’re essentially getting it for free, as the standard price of a PS5 Disc Slim model is $500. Luckily, gunplay and visuals are still as good as ever, so if you’re mostly interested in that experience, then MW3 is still an excellent game to grab. On the other hand, if you’ve always loved the previous Modern Warfare campaigns, this one is short and not as stellar as the previous ones, which is fair, given how much of a high bar it needed to clear. It also has a few UI and audio stutter issues, but those are mostly release issues that will likely be ironed out.

Overall, this bundle is mostly for grabbing one of the new PS5 Disc Slim models, with MW3 being thrown in extra, which is always a nice little addition. You can grab the bundle from Walmart for $500, or you can take a look at some other PS5 deals, or the general Black Friday deals that are currently ongoing.

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