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During CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Google announced a collaboration with Samsung to make file-sharing easier through a new feature called Quick Share. This feature is designed to create a unified cross-Android solution, enabling seamless sharing of files within the Android and Chromebook ecosystems. Additionally, Google intends to pre-install the Quick Share app on Windows PCs, further expanding its reach.

A list of nearby devices will appear when you tap the Quick Share icon. You can then choose which files to share with whom without compromising your privacy. You have complete control over your phone’s settings and can decide whether to share files with everyone, only your contacts, or just your own devices.

Quick Share will be released to all Nearby Share-enabled devices starting in February. Introduced by Google in 2020, Nearby Share allows users to share pictures, files, and text simply and conveniently. Samsung also offers a similar feature called Quick Share, which is highly popular among its users. Now, Nearby Share and Samsung’s Quick Share features are transforming into Google’s new Quick Share solution — hopefully making sharing on Android a bit simpler going forward.

Google has announced a few other new features at CES. In addition to Quick Share, the company revealed that Fast Pair support will be expanding to Chromecast with Google TV and to other Google TV-based devices this year. Furthermore, Chromecast will make casting capabilities available to more apps and devices. Google also announced at CES that more devices will soon support Matter, and Google apps and services will be available in more cars.

Many new mobile products are being revealed at CES, including Lenovo’s new Android-based tablet dubbed “Tab M11” and two new slates from TCL. A new batch of folding phones and many new phones from TCL were also revealed at the event. You should also check out the weirdest mobile devices announced at CES.

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