Pokémon Paradox Rift Booster Box is 18% off for Black Friday

A 36-count booster pack box for Poke Scarlet and Violet: Paradox Rift.
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Pokémon is the game of collecting them all, but there are just too many. And with the popularity of pack openings, the Pokémon TCG has maintained immense popularity over the years, meaning more and more cards to collect all of the time. This deal, which gets you 36 packs at a discount rate, will help even out the odds into your favor. Right now, as part of Black Friday toy deals, you can get the 36-count Scarlet and Violet: Paradox Rift Booster Display Set for just $114, not $130. That’s a savings of $16, or about four of these

(also discounted). To shop this deal, which essentially nabs you four extra free packs, just tap the button below and check out. Keep reading for more about Paradox Rift!

Why you should buy the 36-count Scarlet and Violet: Paradox Rift Booster Display Set

The big deal with the set is that it has 36 packs and they are discounted. Ultimately, this box is just like the ones you see in the store that hold single packs. Like with most trading cards, it is what’s on the inside that counts, not the packaging. Also remember that each pack has 10 cards, so you’re getting 10 x 36, or 360, Pokémon cards from the pack.

So what can you find in a Paradox Rift pack? This time around, we see old favorites like Mewtoo and Garchomp, but “terastallized” with new types, allowing for never before seen strategies with old pals. At the same time you’ll also meet mysterious artificial future Pokémon. And then there are the cuties, like the absolutely adorable Tandemaus, who’s only attack move is to Tumble Over. In the background art of many of the cards, we see imagery from Paldea’s unique “Area Zero” region, letting us understand more about the Pokémon world. The full set has over 180 cards to collect.

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If you’re ready to get more invested in your Pokémon collection this year, just tap the button below. It’ll take you to the store page for the 36-count Scarlet and Violet: Paradox Rift Booster Display Set, which you can get for just $114 right now. That’s a savings of $16, or about the same as four

during this sale.

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