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Taking notes on the go can be a bit inconvenient on a phone, can carrying around a stack of paper with you in the form of a notebook can get heavy pretty quickly. Luckily, e-ink screens are a great alternative, and if you’re already familiar with the Kindle line of products, like the Paperwhite and Oasis, then you’ll very much love the Scribe. Not only can it be used as an e-reader, but you can use it to take notes as well, which is a great feature on an already solid device. While it usually goes for $340, you can get the version with the basic pen and 16GB of storage for $270 directly from Amazon, while the premium pen version is going for $295 instead of $370, both of which are excellent deals.

Why you should buy the Amazon Kindle Scribe

One thing that you’ll appreciate about the Amazon Kindle Scribe, regardless of whether you want it for e-reading or note-taking, is the larger 10.2-inch screen. That means you can fit a lot more text on there, requiring less taping to go to the next page when reading and a more comfortable note-taking experience. It has 300 pixels per inch, so it’s still a sharp and excellent resolution for a bigger screen, and it even has the same backlighting you’d find in other Kindle devices, which you won’t find in something like the reMarkable 2.

That said, it does lack some of the integrations that reMarkable 2 has, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, although you can send documents to an email, which is still a handy feature. The Kindle Scribe can also connect with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can use it to go online as well as listen to audiobooks through a connected pair of headphones. As for note-taking, you get a lot of various templates, from sheet music to ruled pages, so there’s a lot of variety, although not as much as the reMarkable 2. Also, the basic pen doesn’t come with an erase tip, whereas the premium pen does, so it might be worth the extra $25 to go for that feature.

There’s a reason that the Amazon Kindle Scribe is the best smart notebook, and we think it’s well worth grabbing for the discounted price of $270 from Amazon, which is almost a steal at that price.

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