Nomad’s new iPhone charger is ridiculous in all the right ways

Black Nomad Stand One Max charging stand on household table with iPhone, Apple Watch Ultra, and AirPods Pro docked and charging.

Just in time for the holidays, Nomad has launched an elegant new way to charge your favorite Apple mobile devices all in one place.

While there are plenty of MagSafe charging stands on the market — many of which will also charge an Apple Watch and a set of AirPods — Nomad’s new Stand One Max packs some unique perks into an attractive and compact design that should fit right in, whether that’s on your bedside table or at your desk.

Fast charging for all

Silver Nomad Stand One Max iPhone charging stand on table with AirPods Pro, iPhone, and Apple Watch lying in front.

Perhaps most importantly, the Nomad Stand One Max offers Apple-certified MagSafe charging for your iPhone and fast charging for an Apple Watch Series 7 or later — including the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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In practical terms, that means you can juice up your iPhone at 15 watts — twice the speed that you’ll get from a non-MagSafe magnetic charger — and get your Apple Watch fully charged in under an hour. That’s a significant benefit for folks who like to take advantage of the wearable’s sleep-tracking features.

Below the Apple Watch charging disc, you’ll also find a spot designed to charge a set of AirPods. However, it’s a standard 5W Qi charger, so you can drop any other compatible device on there, from another set of earbuds to an Android phone, and the stand is designed to accommodate this by placing the Apple Watch charging arm horizontally from the iPhone charger, leaving the space below entirely open.

Luxury and efficiency

Person touching iPhone with one finger while docked on a Nomad Stand One Max charging stand sitting on a household table.

Machined from high-quality metal and glass, Stand One Max is designed with a solid and luxurious feel in mind that sets it apart from most other charging stands. This also extends to its weight, which comes in at almost two pounds and helps provide stability when docking your devices or tapping away at your iPhone while it’s docked. It’s far more premium than most other stands like this, and while that comes at a cost, Nomad products often prove that it’s worth the price of admission.

The Stand One Max also supports iOS 17’s new StandBy mode — as long as you don’t want to charge your Apple Watch at the same time. StandBy requires that you orient your iPhone sideways into a landscape view, and the compact design of the Stand One Max means that this will block the Apple Watch charging disc. That’s disappointing for folks who like to charge all their devices overnight, but it will be less of an issue if you wear your Apple Watch to bed anyway.

Nomad Stand One Max with iPhone in StandBy mode.

The Nomad Stand One Max is available now from Nomad’s online store in silver and carbide finishes and retails for $180. A two-meter USB-C cable is included, but you’ll need to supply your own 30W power adapter.

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