Meta Quest 2 is down to a new cheapest-ever price at Woot!

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One of the best Meta Quest 2 deals is over at Woot but you’ve only got limited time to grab it. Once it sells out at this price, you’ll miss out. Woot deals tend to be pretty popular so you’ll need to be fast as the Meta Quest 2 is down to just $229. Sounds great, right? Here’s a quick look at what you should expect from it before you hit the buy button.

Why you should buy the Meta Quest 2

One of the best VR headsets around even if it’s now been overtaken by the Meta Quest 3, the Meta Quest 2 is a great entry to VR gaming. It has a sleek design with a light and comfortable headset. On the inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset which helps ensure an 1832 x 1920 resolution for each eye. 6GB of RAM further helps with performance.

It also comes with redesigned Oculus Touch Controllers so you get better gesture tracking than before. Each of the controllers have two shoulder buttons while there are clickable analog sticks and a pair of face buttons on each controller so it’s easy to use and comfortable too. If you compare the Meta Quest 2 with the Meta Quest 3, you’ll see that the newer one is understandably better but there’s less in it than you’d think. Both VR headsets are about the same weight and they both have a 120Hz refresh rate. There’s also depth of field tracking and a wide field of view.

Effectively, the Meta Quest 2 is a good value proposition with the best Meta Quest 2 games sure to entertain you for a long time to come. With the deal at Woot, you get the 128GB model so there’s plenty of storage space for all the games you want to play.

Right now, when you head to Woot, you can buy the Meta Quest 2 for just $229. The cheapest ever price, it’s incredibly tempting for anyone considering VR gaming but without spending a fortune. The deal technically runs for the next 25 days but, ultimately, it runs until Woot runs out of stock which seems to be increasingly likely given how cheap it is. If you’re tempted by it, hit the buy button now before you miss out.

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