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Amazon has one of the best antivirus deals for anyone searching through Black Friday deals for a bargain. Today, you can buy McAfee Total Protection 2024 for $20 instead of the usual $120. A massive saving of $100, it works out at 83% off and protects up to five devices for a full 12 months. If you need to keep your PC and other devices safe, check it out now by tapping the button below. If you still want to learn more about it, keep reading while we take you through it.

Why you should buy McAfee Total Protection 2024

McAfee makes some of the best antivirus software around so it’s a name that you can trust. With McAfee Total Protection 2024, you get all-in-one protection across five devices for a full year. That includes antivirus, security, identity, and privacy protection so you’re fully protected while online.

At all times, you’re warned of risky sites, given advice on how secure your passwords are and how safe you are online, along with receive notifications if your info is found to be on the dark web. The McAfee Total Protection 2024 also bundles in a basic VPN with up to 500MB a month of protection. By using it, you can browse confidently and privately, even if you’re using public Wi-Fi. While it isn’t a full-time solution, it’s perfect if you occasionally access unfamiliar networks on your travels.

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McAfee Total Protection 2024 supports pretty much all the devices you can think of including Windows and Mac systems along with Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and tablets, along with Chromebooks too. It’s all clearly laid out so you can check out your protection score for at-a-glance insight into where you need to improve your security measures. Crucially, you don’t need to be hugely technically proficient to figure it out as McAfee Total Protection 2024 is very user-friendly.

McAfee Total Protection 2024 is usually priced at $120 but right now, you can buy it for $20 as part of the Amazon Black Friday deals going on right now. Supporting up to five devices for the year, it means you’re paying just $4 for the year for each device working out as a fantastic bargain for such great peace of mind. Hit the button below if it sounds like just what you need. It’s delivered digitally so you can be protected within minutes.

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