If this is what Apple’s smart ring looks like, I need it now

An Apple smart ring concept by Jonas Daehnert
Jonas Daehnert / Inside-sim

Forget the Apple Vision Pro. What many users really might want to see is an Apple smart ring. A new concept shows what one of these first-generation wearables could look like. Consider me sold, Apple; where can I lay down my credit card?

There have been rumors in recent years about the possibility of Apple releasing a smart ring that would compete with the Oura Ring and the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Ring. If Apple were to release such a device, it would likely track various health metrics to help users understand their sleep patterns, activity levels, and overall health. Essentially, it would be like an Apple Watch for your finger.

An Apple smart ring concept by Jonas Daehnert.
Jonas Daehnert / Inside-sim

Designer Jonas Daehnert has come up with a new concept for an Apple Ring. He posted a series of images on and X (formerly Twitter). The idea is based on known Apple patents that suggest Apple might be working on a similar product.

The concept shows a ring made of metal and includes countless health-rated sensors, including an accelerometer. The ring has an exciting-looking integrated OLED that is invisible when not in use. The user can use the capacitive buttons on the ring to check the weather and monitor their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more.

Apple smart ring concept by Jonas Daehnert.
Jonas Daehnert / Inside-sim

I have been using the Apple Watch for a long time and am currently wearing an Apple Watch Ultra 2. A few months ago, I had the chance to try out the Oura Ring and was impressed. Although it cannot replace everything the Apple Watch does, it definitely ticks many boxes regarding health tracking. I can envision a market for a possible Apple smart ring.

Rings are smaller compared to watches and don’t need a strap. They are also much lighter, which could benefit many people. Besides, as it would be an Apple product, it would undoubtedly have a great design that would look good on the hand.

A concept design of an Apple smart ring, showing a screen with exercise information on it,
Jonas Daehnert / Inside-sim

I’m not entirely convinced that Apple will release a product that competes with Apple Watch sales. For a long time, I’ve been anticipating an Amazon Fire TV Stick-like product from Apple to enhance its entertainment offerings. However, Apple has only provided the Apple TV for this purpose, and it’s a direction it could also take with the Apple Watch.

Nevertheless, it’s always nice to dream and look at concepts similar to the one presented here.

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