How to get wheat in Palworld

There is so much more to do in Palworld beyond catching and battling your Pals. This is also an open-world survival game, filled with crafting and base-building elements. A lot of materials, like Paldium Fragments, are natural resources you can get in the world, while others you need to grow yourself, such as wheat. Wheat, as you would expect, is necessary for making flour to cook things like cake. And cake is required for breeding Pals, so having your own supply of wheat on hand is the best way to make sure you can breed the most powerful Pals in the game. Wheat isn’t so easy to come by, so we’ll equip you with all the knowledge required to get your farm going.

How to get wheat

A player purchasing wheat seeds in Palworld.

Wheat comes from wheat seeds, appropriately enough, so that is what we need to track down in Palworld. There are two opportunities for you to gather these seeds, the first of which requires a bit of luck. If you fight and defeat (or catch) a grass type Pal such as Dinossom, Flopie, Robinquill, Cinnamoth, or Bristla, they will drop wheat seeds as loot.

The other method is much easier, but will take a little longer to access. Once you can safely make it to the Small Settlement, you can purchase wheat seeds from the Wandering Merchant inside. He will sell you wheat seeds for 100 gold per seed, or you can buy wheat itself for the same price. The better deal is to get the seeds so you can start your own farm back at base. Building your own wheat plantation only takes three seeds, so you can get farming right away.

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