How to get the free Redcap skin in Fortnite

At this point, the number of skins and outfits available in Fortnite is almost comical. With so many characters appearing from other media, it can be easy to forget about some original outfits in the game. The Redcap skin is one of the latest fresh additions that you may not be seeing all that often, but not because it doesn’t look cool. This skin is completely free, however, not everyone will go out of their way to learn how to get it. If you want to roll into battle as a ninja mushroom person before it disappears, here’s how you can get the Redcap outfit totally free.

How to get the Redcap outfit for free

The Redcap outfit and rewards.
Epic Games

The Redcap outfit, which includes the skin and other cosmetics like a pickaxe, back bling, and spray, is part of the third season of Epic’s Refer a Friend program. This is a program that gives you rewards for bringing your friends into Fortnite and playing together. Here’s how it works

  1. Log in to the Refer a Friend website with your Epic Games account.
  2. Invite up to five friends to connect with. These friends must have played less than 2 hours of Battle Royale or Zero Build in the last 30 days, or be completely new to Fortnite. Lego Fortnite and Rocket Racing don’t count.
  3. Start completing the in-game quests while playing together.
  4. The quests and rewards you get are:
    1. Redcap’s Revenge spray – create one connection
    2. Wild Recap’s wrap – play one match with a connected friend
    3. Portable Portobello back bling – finish in the top 10 teams 6 times with a connected friend
    4. Shiitake Slasher pickaxe – eliminate 45 opponents playing with a connected friend
    5. Redcap outfit – gain a total of 50 levels between you and a connected friend

This Refer a Friend program has a time limit You only have until January 9 to complete as many rewards as you can before it expires and the rewards will no longer be available.

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