How to get Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Initially armed with his trusty bat from the first game, Ichiban will eventually need to upgrade and craft stronger weaponry to keep up with the gangs and goons populating Hawaii in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Just like in the previous title, a vendor will appear who is more than willing to improve or create gear in exchange for a bit of money and a handful of materials. At first, you won’t have much trouble keeping pace with the game as long as you pick up whatever shiny objects catch your eye as you traipse down the streets. Despite sounding like something you could snag while strolling on the beach, Beautiful Seashells are rather hard to come by naturally. If these attractive shells are what stands between you and a stronger weapon, here’s where you can get some.

Where to get Beautiful Seashells

Buying a rainbow seashell in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Outside of getting lucky and having a few Beautiful Seashells drop during battles, typically with higher-level enemies or bosses, you only have one reliable source for stocking up on them. During the main story, you will be brought to and introduced to the labyrinth, a randomly generated dungeon you can grind for levels, cash, and items to test out how strong your party is in the late game. As you go, you will collect Robo Discs that you can exchange with RoboMichio right outside the entrance. Among his large stock of items are Beautiful Seashells, which he sells for 500 discs each. That’s not the most expensive item he has on offer, but it is a pretty high price, so it may take a run or two to get that many if you’re low-level.

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