How to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

While Palworld does take a lot of cues from its obvious inspiration, Pokemon, it isn’t simply a clone. Apart from catching and battling colorful monsters of various types, this is also a survival game with tons of building and crafting elements. Most of the early items you can craft will need basic materials, but when you start getting to the good stuff, Ancient Civilization Parts will be required more and more. While there are a few ways to get this resource, it isn’t easy to come by and won’t happen naturally for most people. If you’re stuck roaming around Palpagos looking for them, here’s how to get Ancient Civilization Parts in no time.

How to get Ancient Civilization Parts

A player is about to enter a cave in Palworld.

The best and most efficient way to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld is to hunt down Alpha Pals. These are world bosses roaming around the map that are much tougher than typical Pals. When you find one, it will be marked on your map for you so you don’t have to fight it right then and there. Each one drops a few Ancient Civilization Parts.

Another method is to go clear one of the dungeons. These are caves you can stumble upon in the world, but are not marked and only show up for a limited period of time. Each dungeon has an associated level of the boss you can expect to find inside. Find one at a level you’re confident you can take down and head inside. Each boss typically drops one or two Ancient Civilization Parts when defeated. As a general rule, dungeons closer to the beginning of the game are easier and get more difficult as you venture forth.

Another possibility for getting Ancient Civilization Parts is to find a Lucky Pal (this game’s shiny equivalent) and defeating or catching them. The downside, of course, is that these Pals are very rare and you never know when or where you will encounter one.

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