How to farm Palidium Fragments in Palworld

Every survival and crafting game will have you grinding out a ton of materials as you build and upgrade your base. Palworld is no different, except for the fact that you can put a bunch of cute and colorful Pals to work for you. No matter what you’re trying to make, there’s one basic component that remains constant for almost the entire game: Paldium. You will use this to make everything from the Palbox to Pal Sheres needed to catch new Pals. There are only a few ways to go about getting it, so figuring out the most efficient way to farm it early will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Best ways to farm Paldium Fragments

Crafting a crusher in palworld.

There are three main methods to gathering Palidium Fragments in Palworld, with the more efficient methods taking a bit more prep and legwork to get going.

Scavenge it

The first way you will be able to get Paldium is by just picking it up piece by piece from the ground. You will spot them easily from their blue glow, but obviously is time-consuming and unreliable since you never know where you will find them lying around.

Mine it

Once you’ve got yourself a pickaxe, get to work mining any stone source. If you’re playing on the normal difficulty level, you will get one Palidium Fragment for every five Stone you mine. Just know that any stone deposits in your base will not give you Paldium.

We’re lumping this method in with the other since it is still mining, but this time hunting down a better source in Paldium Fragment Boulders. Unlike regular stone, mining these will give you pure Paldium when you mine them.

Crush it

Your ultimate solution to getting Paldium will be to automate the entire process of collecting it. This is where the Crusher comes in, but only after you hit level 8 and unlock it in the Technology Tree. It will cost you 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Paldium Fragments to craft. The Crusher, when you assign a water-type Pal with the watering ability to power it, will convert any stone you put in directly to Paldium at a rate of five to one. By this point, you should also have a Stone Pit at your base, so by assigning a couple of Pals to mine, another one or two to transfer that sone to the Crusher, and of course, your watering Pal powering it, you can completely automate the process of farming all the Paldium you could ever want.

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