Death Stranding gets a limited-edition Backbone controller

Sam Porter Bridges climbs a ladder in Death Stranding for iOS played on a limited edition Death Stranding Backbone One.

Mobile game controller maker Backbone is releasing a limited-edition version of its Backbone One controller themed around Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding. If you pick one up, you’ll get a free code for the iOS version of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, will launch alongside the controller next week.

Based on the second-gen USB-C Backbone One controller, this limited-edition controller is themed to the game. The grip on the controller features a beige see-through design reminiscent of the BB Pod from Death Stranding. The bridge of the controller features the logos of both Backbone and Kojima Productions. It’s a simple design, yet one that’s instantly recognizable as related to Death Stranding and appealing to those who like translucent gaming hardware.

The limited edition Death Stranding Backbone One.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is the ultimate version of Hideo Kojima’s narrative-driven adventure and includes some extra content compared to the original PS4 release. It first launched on PlayStation 5 in 2021. Announced last year, the iOS version of Death Stranding is a port that utilizes Apple’s new A17 Pro Chip to allow this current-gen console game to run on the iPhone 15 Pro and M-series iPad and Mac devices. It will retail for $40 on the App Store, but if you pick up this limited-edition $125 controller, you’ll get a code for the game for free.

The controller will work with both Apple and Android mobile phones, although you’ll only be able to redeem the code and play the game via Apple’s App Store. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut for Apple devices and the Backbone One Death Stranding Limited Edition Controller both launch on January 30.

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