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Gamers who need to replace their aging screens should take advantage of this year’s Black Friday deals for a new gaming monitor, as there are discounts offered for displays made by some of the most trusted brands like Samsung, HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Among the most important things to consider for your purchase are size, resolution, and refresh rate — and of course, if the price fits your budget. There’s no shortage of options that you can find online from the different retailers, but you help you make a decision quickly, we’ve gathered our top picks below.

Best 165Hz gaming monitor Black Friday deals

The Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor on a white background displaying Eiyuden Chronicles.

A monitor’s refresh rate determines how often the images on the screen are updated — the higher the refresh rate, the smoother your gameplay will be. A 165Hz refresh rate is just above our computer monitor buying guide’s recommended range of 120Hz to 144Hz, and it’s great for gamers on a budget as you’ll still be getting proper support for your video games’ higher frame rates. Size and resolution are other factors to consider though, so you should be going for the monitor that your budget allows.

  • Dell 27-inch G2723HN Full HD —

  • HP 27-inch Omen Full HD —

  • Dell 27-inch S2722DGM curved QHD —

  • Samsung 32-inch Odyssey G3 Full HD —

  • Alienware 27-inch AW2724DM QHD —

Best 240Hz gaming monitor Black Friday deals

A game on the screen of the Samsung 27-inch Odyssey G4 gaming monitor.

For an even smoother experience, consider going for a gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate. The difference will be very obvious, as your video games will be more realistic with lower input lag and improved responsiveness — both of which are very important in competitive environments where wins and losses are often determined by split-second actions.

  • Acer 27-inch Nitro XZ270 Full HD —

  • HP 27-inch Omen 27s Full HD —

  • Samsung 25-inch Odyssey G4 Full HD —

  • Lenovo 27-inch Y27qf-30 QHD —

  • Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9 DQHD —

Best 360Hz gaming monitor Black Friday deals

The Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 24.5-inch gaming monitor against a white background.

If you’re willing to splurge on monitor deals for your gaming setup, and your computer runs on a powerful graphics card, then you should go for a display with a 360Hz refresh rate for the best possible gaming experience. A 360Hz gaming monitor is the perfect partner for a future-proof gaming PC as you won’t be needing any upgrades for the next few years, but since they’re relatively expensive, you wouldn’t want to miss this chance at discounts with your purchase.

  • Alienware 25-inch AW2523HF Full HD —

  • ViewSonic 25-inch Elite XG251G Full HD —

  • Lenovo 24.5-inch Legion Y25g-30 Full HD —

  • Acer 27-inch Predator XB273U WQHD —

  • Asus 27-inch ROG Swift QHD —

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