Best Alienware gaming laptop Black Friday deals — save $800

Alienware is known for its high-end gaming laptops, which are not only powerful but are also quite pricey. Luckily, there are some great Black Friday deals on its laptops with both AMD and Intel CPUs, so you have a bit of a choice on what sort of setup you want to go with. While you’re here, it is worth taking a look at the wider Alienware Black Friday deals and Dell Black Friday deals for even more options.

Alienware Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals (AMD)

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AMD processors tend to be a little bit more power efficient and cheaper than Intel CPUs, and while that won’t make a big difference with a gaming laptop, it’s a nice little addition to have. Luckily, unlike other brands, Alienware doesn’t shy away from combining AMD CPUs with high-end hardware like an RTX 4090, so if you’d like to go with and AMD CPU, you’ll have a lot of choices to pick from.

  • Alienware m18 with RX 7600M XT —

  • Alienware m18 with RTX 4080 —

  • Alienware m16 with RTX 4090 —

  • Alienware m18 with RTX 4090 —

Alienware Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals (Intel)

Doom Eternal running on an Alienware x14 R2.
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Since Intel is the more well-known and popular CPU, there are a lot more deals on Alienware’s gaming laptops, so you can be a bit more specific with what you need. While you can customize these laptops, much like the ones from AMD above, that does sometimes take the deal away, so you won’t likely get as much fine-tuning as you like.

  • Alienware x14 R2 with RTX 4050 —

  • Alienware m18 with RTX 4060 —

  • Alienware x16 with RTX 4060 —

  • Alienware m16 with RTX 4080 —

  • Alienware m18 with RTX 4070 —

  • Alienware m16 with RTX 4090 —

  • Alienware m18 with RTX 4090 —

  • Alienware x16 with RTX 4090 —

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