All amulet holder locations in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The map of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is packed with secrets and items to find outside iof your main objective of rescuing the prince. Among the most exciting upgrades you can find while exploring the various nooks and crannies are amulets. These trinkets give you different buffs to Sargon, ranging from passive ones like more HP to active abilities for combat. There are over 30 of these in the game, so there had to be some limitation on them or you would get way too overpowered. That’s where the amulet holders come into play. Each amulet costs a certain number of slots to equip, and you only start with three. If you want to equip more and better amulets, you will need to get more slots.

Where to find all the amulet holder upgrades

You can upgrade your amulet slots from the default of three with additional nine holders, bringing your maximum total to 12 slots. These are accrued by doing quests or they can be purchased from vendors.

Lower City

There are three upgrades in the Lower City, the first of which you can snag from The Mage in exchange for 240 Time Crystals.

A map in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

The second is in a chest you can find by dropping through the planks at the location above.

The final one in this area is a reward for restoring 15 Frescos in the Prophecy of Mount Qaf quest.

Sacred Archives

A map of Prince of Persia.

From this spot, you need to use the bells to solve a platforming puzzle. At the top right of the room is a chest with the upgrade.

The map in Prince of Persia.

The second one is very tricky. You need to activate a set of traps by passing over the icons on the wall in the right order within the time limit. The order is: top left, middle left, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right, middle right, center, top middle, top right. Do it correctly and the chest will appear.

A map marker in Prince of Persia.

The final one above is out in the open, so just waltz up and grab it.

Soma Tree

A map of the soma tree in Prince of Persia.

You will be able to see this chest just beyond a wall with a grate you can’t slide under. You need to phase through the floor, hit a plant to create a platform, and carefully wall jump and platform across the spikes to go under and around to reach it.

Upper City

The upper city fast travel point in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

In The Clockwork, this chest is basically impossible to miss next to the fast travel point.

Pit of Eternal Sands

The sand pits in Prince of Persia.

You will need the Gravity Wings to reach this spot, but once you have them, just head all the way to the right past the stone enemies to grab the chest.

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