Alan Wake is coming to Dead by Daylight this month

Alan Wake in Dead by Daylight.
Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive announced today that multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight will cross over with Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake later this month.

Alan Wake is just the latest of several crossover characters to come by Dead by Daylight. Just last year, the multiplayer horror game crossed over with franchises like Alien and Child’s Play; Nicolas Cage also came to the game as a survivor. This Alan Wake crossover feels particularly timely, as Alan Wake 2 launched in October 2023 to critical acclaim, bringing Remedy Entertainment’s cult classic horror franchise into the mainstream.

On January 30, patch 7.5.0 will add Alan Wake as a new survivor for players to pick from. He will have three unique perks. Champion of Light grants Alan a 50% Haste Buff when shining a flashlight; if he manages to blind a killer with it, that killer will have a 20% Hindered debuff for six seconds. Next is Boon: Illumination, which grants survivors within a 24-meter range the ability to see the aura of chests and generations after Alan activates a Boon Totem. Finally, the Deadline perk will activate when Alan is injured; it will cause skill checks to appear more often when healing or repairing something, although the penalty for failing a skill check is reduced by 50%.

Patch 7.5.0 comes with a lot of other changes, like the addition of an FOV slider and balance updates for several killers. You can read the full patch notes on the official Dead by Daylight Reddit or official forums for the game.

In general, 2024 is shaping up to be a big year for Dead by Daylight as a franchise because a film based on the game is in development, as is a narrative-focused single-player horror game set in its universe titled The Casting of Frank Stone.

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